Cancer takes approximately 10 million lives globally each year. It does not differentiate based on gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, or politics. It has devastating effects on patients, families, friends, and communities, and is a leading cause of death worldwide.

Cancer kills 10 million people worldwide every year, with devastating effects on patients, families, and loved ones. While China and the United States account for almost 40% of the human death toll, no country or region is spared and the global cancer burden is expected to increase. 

To fight this common enemy of humanity, greater international collaboration on cancer clinical trials is required. If we work together, we can accelerate the development and delivery of more effective treatments and prevention to patients, saving millions of lives around the world.

Cure4Cancer (C4C) is an international movement that brings together patients, clinicians, scientists, policymakers, regulators, industry, philanthropy, the media, and other closely related stakeholders to work together in the global fight against cancer. All are welcome to join in the effort to accelerate the Cure4Cancer in our lifetime. 

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The Honorable Dr. Kevin Rudd AC

Why have we created Cure4Cancer?

To raise public awareness and accelerate the development of cancer cures through increased:

  • Patient-centric international clinical trials;
  • International regulatory harmonization;
  • International collaboration on cancer research.

Patient-Centric International Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are widely recognized as the best form of cancer care, but only 2-8% of cancer patients currently gain access to these trials, due to a combination of factors.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a revolution in how cancer trials are conducted, decentralizing them from major cities and academic medical institutions, and making them available to more diverse populations of cancer patients around the world. This model can help accelerate breakthroughs.

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International Regulatory Harmonization

Clinical trials are a critical step in translating scientific discovery into a new lifesaving standard of care. Currently, new experimental treatments must go through multiple phases of clinical trials to prove their safety and efficacy — a process that can take up to 10 to 15 years to gain regulatory approval. 

A new accelerated international approach to clinical trials could cut that time to 2 to 3 years and reduce the number of global cancer-related deaths by 10-20%. That’s 1 to 2 million lives every year.

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International Collaboration on Cancer Research

Cure4Cancer is an international movement that aims to benefit patients around the world. We are bringing together global regulators and policymakers to standardize approval processes and help ensure that millions more patients around the world can access the latest developments in cancer treatments as soon as they are approved.

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Media pressure is helping to drive international change and bring attention to the latest developments and opportunities in cancer treatment.

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