The Importance of Patient-Centric Clinical Trials

Working to Improve Patient Access to Clinical Trials

Widely recognized as the best treatment for any patient with cancer, clinical trials are research studies that test new treatments to see how well they work. They are an essential part of the quest to find better ways to prevent, treat, and cure cancer. Almost every effective cancer treatment available today is the result of a clinical trial.

Patient-centric trials are defined as investigations that prioritize the needs of the patient at all stages, including design, activation, enrollment, data collection, completion, and outcome reporting. Technologies such as telemedicine and remote monitoring may become more broadly used for clinical trials in the future, which would decrease the patient burden and increase the diversity of participants, including those in remote and disadvantaged communities.

Cure4Cancer is working with policymakers worldwide to increase access to the latest treatments and to standardize the approval processes so that the whole world can benefit from the latest treatments.

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