Amgen CEO: Greater U.S. – China Collaboration Will Accelerate Fight Against Cancer, 17/12/2020


Amgen CEO, Bob Bradway, recently participated in a high-level roundtable discussion aimed at accelerating cancer research through increased collaboration between the United States and China. The session, held on November 18 as part of the Bloomberg New Economy Forum, was co-facilitated by the Honorable Kevin Rudd and Dr. Bob Li, and brought together key figures from industry, academia, and government. Bradway’s involvement highlights Amgen’s dedication to both China and oncology, as evidenced by the strategic collaboration with BeiGene, a Chinese biotechnology company, to advance oncology medicines globally.

The global need for new cancer treatments is evident, with over 18 million new cancer cases diagnosed in 2018 resulting in nearly 10 million deaths worldwide. Amgen is already offering innovative cancer medicines and biosimilars for widely used cancer treatments. The company’s pipeline includes investigational therapies for various types of cancer, addressing both liquid and solid tumors. The discussion at the Bloomberg roundtable centered around enhancing collaboration across the healthcare ecosystem in the U.S., China, Asia, and Europe to expedite clinical trials for new cancer treatments to ultimately strengthen U.S.-China relations.

Following the success of the Moonshot roundtable, Bloomberg New Economy plans to host follow-up discussions with key stakeholders to outline actionable steps that could lead to the prompt delivery of effective cancer treatments to patients in both the United States and China. This continued collaboration and exchange of ideas among stakeholders from different regions aim to drive innovation, accelerate clinical trials, and improve patient access to groundbreaking cancer therapies, emphasizing the importance of global cooperation in the fight against cancer.

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