Bloomberg New Economy International Cancer Coalition

Bloomberg New Economy

The Bloomberg New Economy International Cancer Coalition is a collaborative effort that brings together academia, industry, government, patient advocacy, and policy think tanks with a focus on leveraging technology and collaboration to accelerate cancer cures and prevention worldwide post-pandemic. The main goals and objectives of the coalition include improving diagnostics infrastructure and data sharing to increase access to testing, optimizing clinical trial protocols to promote patient-centricity, harmonizing regulations globally to lower barriers to patient-centric care, and enhancing public awareness and patient empowerment through education. The coalition aims to drive thought leadership and commitments in these key areas to contribute to global health equity.

Co-chaired by Kevin Rudd and Stefan Oelrich, the International Cancer Coalition includes CEOs and senior representatives from leading global pharmaceutical, biotech, and diagnostic companies, regulatory bodies, as well as researchers and academics from major cancer centers and universities worldwide. Kevin Rudd, the former Prime Minister of Australia, brings extensive experience in global leadership, including roles in various organizations such as the Asia Society, Harvard University, and the United Nations. Stefan Oelrich, President of Bayer Pharmaceuticals, brings a wealth of experience from his tenure at Sanofi and Bayer AG, with a focus on leading pharmaceutical divisions and global business units.

Members of the coalition, such as Monica Bertagnolli from the National Cancer Institute and Bob Li from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, are accomplished professionals in the field of oncology. Monica Bertagnolli, as the NCI Director and a professor at Harvard Medical School, has made substantial contributions to clinical oncology, particularly in gastrointestinal cancer research and clinical trials initiatives. Bob Li, a physician-scientist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, specializes in novel drug development for lung cancers and solid tumors, leading pivotal international clinical trials resulting in FDA approvals for targeted therapies. The coalition’s collaborative efforts aim to transform cancer treatment through innovation, research, and patient-centric care.

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