Exploring Prospects for Cooperation: Climate Change and Global Public Health

Asia Society, October 3, 2022

The panel discussion focused on the prospects of cooperation between China and the US in tackling climate change goals and advancements in cancer research. Kevin Rudd, Dr. Selwyn Vickers, Dr. Bob Li, and Kate Logan discussed China’s carbon neutrality targets and the progress in cancer treatment. They highlighted the importance of collaboration in fighting cancer, a common enemy killing millions globally every year. Dr. Vickers emphasized the significance of diverse clinical trials in developing effective treatments and the need to empower patients to understand the importance of participating in such trials.

Dr. Bob Li mentioned the positive impact of international clinical trials, especially in accelerating the development of cancer treatments like egfi Inhibitors for lung cancer. He stressed the need for broader collaboration to expedite the process of finding a cure for cancer. The discussion also touched upon the Biden cancer moonshot initiative and the role of regulatory frameworks in facilitating global cooperation in cancer research.

Kevin Rudd highlighted the role of Asia Society in bridging regulatory gaps between countries to advance clinical trials for cancer treatments. He emphasized the need for global collaboration, beyond geopolitical differences, to achieve breakthroughs in cancer research. The panelists agreed on the urgency of addressing cancer as a common global challenge and the potential for mutual benefits through international cooperation in the fight against this disease. Overall, the discussion underscored the critical role of collaborative efforts in advancing cancer research and treatment on a global scale.

To watch the full panel, please visit the Asia Society website.