U.S.-China Cancer Collaboration Could Open Door For New “Ping-Pong Diplomacy”: Kevin Rudd

Russell Flannery, Forbes, August 28, 2021

Former Australia Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who is currently the CEO of the Asia Society, suggested that a joint effort between the U.S. and China in fighting cancer could be akin to the historic ping-pong diplomacy that helped thaw bilateral relations in the 1970s. Rudd expressed optimism about leveraging cancer collaboration to bridge gaps between the two nations amidst other challenges in the relationship.

The 2021 Forbes China Healthcare Summit centered on advancing the global fight against cancer with a focus on achieving progress in the post-pandemic era. Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has claimed millions of lives worldwide, the summit highlighted the critical importance of addressing cancer, a disease projected to cause close to 10 million deaths this year. The vulnerability of cancer patients to COVID-19 was emphasized, underlining the urgency of heightened collaboration and research in cancer treatment.

Participants at the summit included key figures from the healthcare and oncology sectors, discussing strategies to combat cancer at a global level. The event also touched on the bipartisan nature of cancer research and treatment efforts in the U.S., transcending political boundaries. Notable figures like Joe Biden’s previous involvement in promoting cancer research, and the potential for international collaboration in this realm, were highlighted as avenues for significant progress in the fight against cancer. The summit aimed to foster dialogue and cooperation among stakeholders to make strides in cancer treatment and drug research on a global scale.

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